Black Bear: Weirdly Enchanting Psycho-Drama

It’s a metaphor for something – and I’m still scratching my brain over it two days later – but despite not knowing what Black Bear means or exactly what it was trying to say, I still got a real kick out of it.

That might be the point. I don’t know – my brain is frazzled. Yet this Aubrey Plaza reality-bender, where she plays a creative type in the film industry staying/working at a secluded rural resort, kept me on my toes as intense conversations amassed and paranoia arises.

Without going into spoiler territory, this is – to riff off of football analogies – a film of two halves, as character motives change and shift about for reasons that will leave your mind boggled. Yet – despite the clear and obvious changes – the intensity never drops, the claustrophobic atmosphere only builds and my internet never wains: despite never knowing exactly what on earth is real or not. It’s available on VoD right now and it’s well worth your time.


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