Thunder Force: Superhero Farce Somewhat Saved By Performers

I could see deep down in Jason Bateman’s soul – as he clapped his giant crab claws around – that he knew this was one big terrible farce. The Ben Falcone-Mellisa McCarthy team-up track record is ‘iffy’ to put it mildly. I will always remember the time when I watched Tammy at the cinema after finding out my grandad died and to be honest, I couldn’t tell you which one made me feel worse…

Their latest team-up brought powerhouse Octavia Spencer to the table for this female-led superhero attempt which saw Spencer and McCarthy go through treatment to get superpowers in order to fight a bunch of very tedious baddies. From a story point of view, it’s wafer-thin and predictable. From a characterisation stand-point it is both utterly snooze-worthy and predictable, with McCarthy once again playing the ‘nice-but-kind-of-a-loser’ role and the villains being utterly unremarkable in every sense, especially the uninspiring powers on display with Bobby Cannavale’s glowing red eyes and Pom Klementieff’s lazy hands making me fall to sleep.

I must admit, it wasn’t without making me succumb to the odd smirk or chuckle – but that was more to do with the performers than anything else. McCarthy is an extremely talented comedic actor and can make a line or a moment chuckle worthy through her own cracking comedic timing or a little funny glance or look. Bateman too, who I’m a big fan of from his Arrested Development days, looks like he’s phoning it in from home and although I’d have liked to have seen more from him and McCarthy together, he can always bring a smile to my face – even in rubbish films.


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