Palm Springs: Enjoyable Time Loop Film That Brings Both The Heart And The Bantz

Time loop films aren’t new – and certainly not to Amazon Prime (where Palm Springs is now streaming) having released the mildly charming The Map of Tiny Perfect Things earlier this year. This Andy Samberg starring effort is on a different level to the previously mentioned flick, reaching Groundhog Day levels of enjoyment.

I’ve always enjoyed Samberg’s work. Hot Rod is one of my favourite comedies and the work of The Lonely Island always brings a cheeky grin to my face. As Samberg’s – along with the equally impressive Cristin Milioti – characters find themselves repeating the same day as wedding guests as they unwittingly strike up a bond with one another in the process, Palm Springs manages to capture some of the zainy and random humour of the actors previous work. The film goes into some surprising places too, including a very enjoyable archery-specific turn from J.K. Simmons.

The humour takes you a long way – but it’s far more than a cheap or easy comedy. What’s impressive about Palm Springs is that when you get beyond the absurdity, there’s some real depth to this story and its characters that feels genuine. Regret, love and mortality – its all there amongst the madness and it gives it an emotional punch that makes the film a really impressive outfit.


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