Godzilla vs Kong: Boredom Reigns Supreme In Lacklustre Monsterverse

A criticism I’ve heard recently about some of these ‘monsterverse’ films is that they don’t know how to deal with the humans in them. The monsters look ace, as does the film, but the rest often leaves much to be desired. I don’t think this was a nut Lee Wingard was able to crack, either.

What fans will want more than anything, however, is seeing these two iconic titans punch each other for long periods of time – which I think Godzilla vs Kong does with limited success. The film’s finale is an impressive feat – the cinematic landscape of a brightly coloured Hong Kong is an epic backdrop to a well-pieced together monster punch-em-up. Yet, it felt like the previous 90 minutes was a bit of a confusing snooze-fest of scientific jargon that either made no sense or I just didn’t give enough of a hoot to really try and understand. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

It felt like characters – new and old – floated in and out without any substance, with some feeling hideously underused (hi Kyle Chandler). A twist on the Kong-human friendship subplot felt stupidly forced as it shocked me scientists who had been studying him for years didn’t realise this plot point out sooner. If you’re going to give us so much set-up without consistent monster clashes, it needs to be more coherent and, well, interesting. We do have some mid-way fisticuffs but that’s all abit meh. The final 20 does produce some spectacle and flair that awoke me from my slumbers, but not enough to buy into this franchise.


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