Bad Trip: Atrocious Netflix Prankster Road Trip Comedy

Now I wasn’t expecting the Citizen Kane of comedy when I saw Bad Trip land on Netflix’s homepage, but my expectations weren’t low enough for the 85 minutes I put myself through.

This buddy road trip comedy – that’s a mixture of scripted ‘acting’ and Jackass-style prank set-pieces from supposedly unsuspecting members of the public – stars comedically talented people like Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howray, but lets them show off none of their skills.

I had a small amount of hope that I might get a few chuckles out of it following the opening ten minutes that included a half-decent musical number that screamed ‘semi-original’, but it soon descends into the levels of humour that even Adam Sandler films would find too unbearable. Getting drunk and penis jokes were only the warm up for the pièce de résistance of the film, when a fake animal ejaculating on one of the lead actors’ face. There’s also an on-running gag about the film White Chicks which culminates in a horrendously unfunny climax to the film that leaves you embarrassed for all involved – and not in the way they intended.

It’s really dumb, really unoriginal and in fact – given the Jackass-style – not that shocking. Don’t waste your time.


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