Six Minutes to Midnight: Sky Original WW2 Drama That Falls Flat

The words ‘Sky Original’ never inspire confidence. Their latest offering, Six Minutes to Midnight, a WW2 drama focusing on a Nazi girls boarding school on the English coast just weeks prior to the war starting, offered an interesting premise.

This Eddie Izzard starring film aims to be an old school thriller, with its long-coated agents and secret rendezvous set against the beautiful coastal scenery. Hitchcock this ain’t and the picturesque setting is one of few plus points.

The story has loads of potential. I had no idea about the boarding school and there’s characters and ideas that could be really interesting to explore, including the school girls themselves and Judie Dench’s Headmistress. Yet it never feels like the film taps into these properly. You have little character interactions and moments – a look, a glance or a questionable action – that aren’t paid adequate attention to. It very much feels like style over substance and it makes for a damp squib of a film.


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