The War with Grandpa: Hapless Comedy Outing for De Niro

When I saw the word ‘Grandpa’ and ‘De Niro’ mentioned in the same breath again, I thought this was some form of Dirty Grandpa sequel and I began to have flashbacks to watching that monstrosity. Thankfully, this is a far less harmful comedy – although one that makes you slightly cringe at the thought of Bobby going so tame.

So this Amazon Prime outing is about a disgruntled grandson who wants his bedroom back off of his recently moved-in grandpa. Now here’s my issue and one I couldn’t get over… what kind of kid goes to ‘war’ with their grieving, elderly Granddad over something so trivial!? I spent the first hour of the film rage-shouting at this vile esxcuse for a youngster. His redemption – which you know is coming at some stage – is actually very short lived, therefore he is still, and always was, just utterly monstrous.

So that just ended it for me. The main character is, quite frankly, bad. De Niro’s grandad brings very little to the table. Uma Thurman is in it, which is nice… She has one or two moments of mumsie hardness but feels underserved. Whilst the movie also made Rob Riggle comedically bland, which is a tough ask for anyone who’s seen him pop up in The Other Guys or 21 Jump Street.

It’s just all a bit naff.


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