Yes Day: Surprisingly Passable Netflix Family Outing

When I saw Yes Day flash up on my screen I winced. I like Jennifer Garner, but her recent output (Nine Lives still gives me nightmares) has been ‘iffy’ – and that’s being kind. After a long week at work and with my mind fried to pieces, myself and the better half took a chance on it and we were both pleasantly pleased with the outcome.

Yes Day doesn’t re-invent the ‘family film’ wheel. It ticks all the usual boxes in terms of life messages and character dynamics. You have another comfortable middle class family whose children feel their parents are being too mean. Now, before you start eye-rolling… Forgot the entitlement issue here for just one second as the film never really makes you feel that should be an issue, to its credit, as its general vibe and positivity keeps you on board.

Plot-wise, the parents – Jen Garner and Edgar Ramirez – grant their kids a ‘yes day’ which basically means they can’t refuse anything their kids ask for (with a few exceptions to the rule). In turn, family outings ensue that rage from stuffing faces with ice cream to rollercoaster riding and some foam madness for good measure.

The character dynamic is actually really sweet and there’s some legitimately funny exchanges between the kids and parents, especially in the opening 20 minutes which sets the bar high early on. The film roles at a good pace and the ‘action’ is fairly standard but enjoyable enough, without ever hitting the heights of the movies early scenes – but always passable enough fun. Nifty cameos from Nat Faxon and Fortune Feimster also add some quirky charm to proceedings along the way too.

In the end, this isn’t painful and in fact, fairly enjoyable. This very passable Netflix family outing is worth your time.


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