Capone: Tom Hardy Can Grunt

Josh Trank hasn’t been seen since *that* superhero movie he – or the studio – butchered a few years back. His latest, Capone, has been a victim of the pandemic meaning that us lowly UK viewers have had to wait until today’s landing on Netflix to witness Tom Hardy play the notorious gangster.

This ain’t your typical mobster action flick, so don’t expect to see Al Pacino-esque “say hello to my little friend” shoot-em-ups. Trank’s Capone is an ill man and on his last laps as he descends further into his battle with syphilis induced dementia. This adds an interesting element to proceedings and leaves us in a bind: are we supposed to feel sympathy for a horrible bloke dying of a horrible disease?

Hardy, as ever, embodies the character one cigar at a time. Every grunt, ever squint, you feel. Some might see it as all a little too much, but I found it compelling enough. What I found too much was some of the flashbacks and metaphors being too on-the-nose. At one point, he literally crawls over dead bodies. Yes Josh, we get it: he was a bad dude.

Hardy’s worth watching, it makes you think a little, yet some of the tangents it takes feel either a little surface deep or die off too easily.

Available to steam on Netflix


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