Greenland: Disaster Spectacular Done Well

When we’re all legally mandated to stay at home as the case and death numbers of this horrible pandemic keep on creeping up and up, watching a big disaster movie that sees the majority of the world destroyed probably isn’t to everyone’s taste. Yet, internet, I have something to say… this Gerald Butler starring end-of-the-freaking-world-as-we-know-it blockbuster, Greenland, is very much worth your time.

Geostorm, San Andreas, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Cloverfield… The list of these types of films has only grown bigger since the beginning of the millennium, presumably as we’re more aware of looming disasters (global warming, nuclear annihilation, etc). The list I’ve mentioned is a mixed bad of the gloriously bonkers (Geostorm) to legitimately good (Cloverfield) – and although there’s a lot of predictability about these types of movies that make us roll our eyes in expectation, Greenland doesn’t just enter the list – it smashes its way to near the top.

Greenland covers the idea of a world ending asteroid. We have the spectacle, we have the family drama and we have the buried-down-deep message of hope. Yes, it ticks lots of the genres boxes – but it does it all very, very well. There’s a legitimate tension to Greenland that many of the others don’t have. Action sequences – you know, the flames and the deaths – aren’t over-wrought and never feel centre-of-attention, whilst the family drama – performed really well by Butler and Morena Baccarin – is very effecting (like, totes emosh!) It’s reflection on our own mortality and our behaviours in times of world-ending goings-on is also nicely done – a depth you don’t always get from the genre.

I’m going to puke writing this cliche, but I was so engrossed my bum was inching towards the… you know the rest! It’s on Amazon Prime and if you can stomach it, it’s really strong, popcorn chewing entertainment done very well.


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