Baby Done: Kiwi Comedy That Lands The ‘Lols’

I’m going to jump straight into it: this is my favourite film of 2021… so far. Sat on my backside eating for too many mini eggs whilst gagging for the cinemas to re-open, I thank the powers that be for allowing my slobb-ish self to stumble across Baby Done on VoD.

Starring ‘hot’ Neville – or as his mum and dad named him, Matt Lewis – alongside comedian Rose Matafeo (who, admittedly, I’d never heard of), Baby Done follows a young, happy, adventure-loving couple who find the struggles of their pregnancy has a real strain on their lives and relationship.

Now, the whole pregnancy-shtick’s being done a millions time over and the film lands some emotional punches well (baby’s are hard work, yeah?), despite the overall outcome being super-predictable. Yet what really got me was just how natural and, like, belly-laugh funny the whole set up was. Matafeo leads the way with the comedy-chops, but Lewis is a great foil and their who chemistry is quirky, yet feels very real and easily believable. You’d want to be mates with these two.

I don’t ‘lol’ too much during movies, but this had me going a few times. Whether it be the over-competitive nature of the pair at a baby shower, the awkwardness of seeing Neville Longbottom being involved in a very compromising situation that would have deffo been frowned upon in the Gryffindor common room, or an unexpectedly charming ‘boom’ moment in the film’s closing minutes, it tickled me greatly. It has Taika Waititi’s humour written all over it – which isn’t a surprise given, you know, he’s an executive producer on it. This is awesomely blunt, silly Kiwi comedy that I’ve got all the time for in the world.


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