The Trial of the Chicago 7: Compelling Court-Room Drama

We know Aaron Sorkin loves words, especially when soaked in political context. The famed The West Wing scribes second directorial outing, The Trial of the Chicago 7, focuses on a the paranoid world of American politics under the Nixon regime with the truth life tale of the trial of 7 anti-war protestors.

It feels like an understatement to say that Sorkin’s latest features an all-star cast featuring a wiggy-but-excellent Mark Rylance, a very Boston sounding Sachs Baron cohen and a ferocious Frank Langella as the incompetent judge, to name just a few. It’s a court-room drama that has all the grand-standing, eye-catching (and eye-rolling) sequences that you would expect from a trial in American history that will make you shocked and shudder through the sheer audacity of its political bias. Langella’s unhinged portrayal of Judge Julius Hoffman is teeth-grittingly sharp and will have you holding your hands in disbelief.

It is very male-centric story so testosterone levels are high and remain so throughout, but despite its glitzy cast and the expected Hollywoodisation of the American Judicial System, at no point did I ever find it too heavy-handed, too wordy or pretentious. In fact, I was hooked from the get-go. My only issue being is I’d have liked a little bit more context, maybe a little bit more heart, as to some of these guys’ motives – but that can be difficult to nail across such a far-reaching ensemble cast.

A really good watch and one that gets you thinking and certainly gets you going in the world of Trump.

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