Hubie Halloween: Charmingly Rubbish Seasonal Sandler Outing

Come rain, shine or a global pandemic, nothing will stop Adam Sandler from churning out another crappy Netflix comedy. His latest effort for the streaming service delves into what goes bump-in-the-night with the seasonal Hubie Halloween starring a bunch of his usual chums like Kevin James and Rob Schneider.

The Steve Brill directed film is set in Salem on Halloween, with Sandler in the titular role as the town laughing stock Hubie. Everyone takes the mickey out of him and despite finding everything rediculously scary, he freakin’ loves the spooky time of year and sees it as his mission to ensure everyone tricks or treats responsibly. As you can probably imagine, his mission is wrought with errors of the comical – and usually not-so-comical – kind.

Look, Hubie Halloween is rubbish – but it carries its crappiness with an air of charm and less crudeness than most of Sandler’s modern day comedic output. Despite another annoying and pointless accent, it carries a few on-running gags that actually do work – including June Squibb’s (playing Hubie’s mum) hilariously awkward charity shop pun-tastic shirts. Kevin James is also less annoying than he is in most Happy Madison outings which is equally as impressive. The ending – a tagged on attempt at a totes emosh backbone – comes out of nowhere, but I gave it pass because of its overall crappy charm. Better than expected.

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