Love, Guaranteed: By-The-Numbers Netflix Rom-Com Boosted By Its Charming Leads

Love, Guaranteed has the look of one of those low budget flicks that belong on Movie 24 that you’ll watch one afternoon at your Grans house. I went in with extremely low expectations to a rom-com based around the supposed failings of a dating website, yet finished this Netflix release rather charmed.

The film revolves around Damon Wayans Jr’s Nick taking a high-profile dating website ‘Love, Guaranteed’ to court for failing on their contractual duty of finding him love within 1000 dates. He does so through the help of workaholic lawyer Susan (Rachel Leigh Cook) who initially finds the thing a bit of a joke, but – shockingly – finds some heart in the cause (yes, I barfed whilst writing that). You’ll be even more shocked to learn that both Nick and Susan go through their own personal ‘journeys’ and that their relationship has a few ups and downs a long the way… Yes, this cheap looking Netflix released rom-com hits all your usual genre troupes and plays on dating website cliches in a rather flippant way, but the relationship between the central pair – thanks to their own personal charm – is very watchable.

It soon becomes apparent that Wayans’ character is the nicest man alive (urgh!), but makes this usual boring stereotype work through the casual charisma that oozes out of his pores. Cook also turns what could have been a boring ‘stuck-in-the-mud’ role into a likeable – and at times, genuinely amusing – lead performance. This is very much a film that is given an extra life from the power of its leads – and boosted further from some other enjoyable supporting offerings – and forgetting the predictable nature of the story, the power of the performances really kept me in it.

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