The Broken Hearts Gallery: Quirky Heartbreak Done Well

48 hours ago I’d never heard of Natalie Krinsky’s The Broken Hearts Gallery, but in search of a cinema fix for the week I popped down to my local multiplex to catch this hipster-looking rom-com. Spoiler alert: I’m very glad I did.

Starring Blockers’ Geraldine Viswanathan’s Lucy as an art-loving twenty something living in NYC who finds it hard to leave her past loves behind, she sets up a ‘broken hearts’ gallery in her new friend Nick’s (Darce Montgomery) not-yet-built hotel. In said gallery she stores – as well as countless other reminiscent romantics who’ve not got over past loves – items from previous relationships that include everything from ties to leg casts.

The film hits all your usual rom-com beats and it plays out exactly like you’d expect, however, it’s done with plenty of charm, heart and enjoyable supporting characters that you enjoy spending time with as they navigate New York life full of love, art and, erm, karaoke. Viswanathan plays Lucy like she lives life on double speed which can grate, but she wins you over. Her flatmates and BFFs – Nadine (Phillipa Soo) and Amanda (Molly Daniels) – bring a cool, vibrant and sometimes wicked dynamic to proceedings, whilst Arthuro Castro’s Marcos is a hoot. It’s Montgomery’s Nick – a Zach Efron type for the ordinary man – who really stole the show for me. An extremely likeable (and sympathetic) character who levels off proceedings when it gets a little too over-zealous, you root for him – and through him, Lucy – and all together these characters make for a really enjoying outing.

So if you’re looking for something a little easier to watch than Tenet, The Broken Hearts Gallery makes for an effective and enjoyable outing full of quirk, charm and big splashes of NYC. Oh and Phillipa Soo deserves an Oscar for making herself sound thoroughly mediocre on karaoke…

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