Returning to the Cinema: Russell Crowe Goes Bat-Crap Crazy

Like many others, it was March the last time I physically set foot in an actual cinema. That day it was the underwhelming Misbehaviour that my eyeballs soaked in. Who would have thought it would be over four months until the next cinema trip!?

Granted, there have been lots of new releases making their way to streaming services during lockdown and some – the Lynn & Lucy & Dating Amy type flicks – have been cracking watches. Yet, there’s nothing quite like the cinema: the big screen, the cushioned seats, the Tango Iceblast and the collective experience you’re sharing with a dozen or so others. So off I went to a local-ish Cineworld branch to catch a showing of Russell Crowe’s Unhinged. Other than rocking my The Shining face mask throughout, the experience felt very normal.

The film itself was a fairly enjoyable popcorn thriller. Nuance is something Crowe’s Unhinged did not carry in its DNA, with the Oscar winner revving up the bat-crap crazy from the get go. It’s a not-so-subtle jab at toxic masculinity, a long with a very on-the-nose dig at how crap we are at driving. To be fair to Crowe, it’s a real transformative performance and he does unstable/crazy effectively. If you don’t mind a fairly telegraphed plot, there’s enough in the Gladiator stars performance – and some really shocking violence sequences – that’ll keep you hooked.

The world’s had a rough go of things over the past few months and in many places it continues to do so. We’re certainly far from having this thing under control in the UK and whilst people get ill and lives are lost, we need to stay vigilant. However, it was glorious being back in a place I love spending time in. Cinema is brilliant, but please be safe and please wear a mask.

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