The Two Sides of the Pegg

When you think Simon Pegg, what do you think of? Some might think Spaced, others would go straight to Shaun of the Dead, but I doubt anyone would think ‘serious actor’. Certainly not me. He’ll always be Seargant Angel in my Cornetto-loving eyes. Well I’ve had a very Pegg-heavy week, bearing witness to not one but two Pegg-starring new releases: Lost Transmissions & Inheritance. It’d be fair to say there was a significant shift in quality between the two…

Lost Transmissions delves into the world of mental illness, with Pegg playing a schizophrenic music producer alongside Juno Temple’s Hannah, his characters kindred spirit. It’s a film that aims deep and starts well, but never truly gets to the bottom of its serious subject matter. Temple gives it a great try, whilst Pegg’s natural charm works against him as he never truly convinces in some major dramatic beats; however their chemistry together offers some nice musically-enthused little moments. It’s a flawed film, but it has promise: something that could not be said for the World’s End stars other outing…

Inheritance is a movie that feels like it was overestimated by a decent cast. It’s one of those movies that when you’re watching it, you’re shocked it attracted such well known actors to rummage amongst the cringe-tactic mess that unfolded on our screens. Pegg’s ‘serious’ in Lost Transmissions is a commendable effort; in Inheritance it feels forced and cheap. With wig strapped on and a generic American accent to boot, his mad man troupe – in a film that generally felt limp – is anything but serious, whilst co-star Lilly Collins sank under the weight of an iffy script.

We love a trier and Simon’s move away from the world of comedy front-man or loveable side kick (ala Mission: Impossible) is nice to see. Yet I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. He’s got a lot going for him has Mr Pegg, but I think he’s got a long way to go to really sell his ‘serious’ acting chops.

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