Aim For the Bushes in Lockdown

Aim for the Bushes in lockdown

I had so many plans for lockdown: read loads, get super fit and catch up and re-watch lots of films I’ve been meaning to view but haven’t had the time to. 3 months later and I can confirm only one of those things have happened and my waste line can rule one of them out, whilst my Kindle remains covered in cobwebs.

With a young pup in the house and being able to work from home, lockdown in the Aim for the Bushes household has been full of puppy-pooping induced early wake up calls that have been conducive to lots of 6am film watching. With the cinemas shut and Netflix and other streaming services acting as a major godsend during this pandemic, there’s plenty of opportunity to plug those cinematic gaps and that’s exactly what I set out to do.

Those gaps took the size of Hitchcock and Studio Ghibli shaped holes that have now been partially filled over the past 3 months, and what have I learnt? Well first of all, Jimmy Stewart was a rock star leading man. Like, seriously, I could watch the guy paint walls and I’d still find him utterly engrossing with that southern charm and build. Secondly, it’s how much other animation films (bar Disney/Pixar) pale in comparison to the Ghibli world. I’m yet to see a poor Ghibli outing. Even the more lacklustre outings like From up on Poppy Hill have a banging soundtrack to lift it up.

Yet it’s not just the classics I’ve been knocking off my list. Thanks to VoD and the ever-changing world of movie releases, there’s still lots of new films that’ve come out during Lockdown. From the catastrophically horrendous Netflix ‘comedies’ Coffee & Kareem and The Wrong Missy to Spike Lee’s lively Da 5 Bloods and the tender Never Rarely Sometimes Always, there’s been a real mix of newbies. The latter is thoroughly worth a watch, whilst films like The Assistant (VoD), The Half of It (Netflix), The Platform (Netflix), The Vast of Night (Amazon Prime) & Vivarium (VoD) have particularly stood out.

With the government announcing cinemas can re-open from the 4th July, I – like many others – are bursting at the seems to get my Tango Ice-blast and watch a crappy Sandler comedy on the big screen. Yet, from a cinematic point of view, this time has given me an appreciation of what’s come before and what else is out there, catching films (like Vivarium) that’d I would have probably missed if theatres were open.

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