The Mountain Between Us: A Snowy Love-Fest (Review)

I love dogs (stay with me… ) and after watching the trailer for The Mountain Between Us I was wholeheartedly convinced the dog was going to be heading up to doggy heaven during the course of the film. Thankfully the adorable pooch survives and with it all is right in the world and this mountainous love-in looks a whole lot healthier.

When it comes to Hany Abu-Assad’s feature, opposites really do collide and – shock freakin’ horror – beautiful people fall for one another… You’ve got Idris Alba’s brain surgeon, a man of thought and reason, against Kate Winslet’s soon-to-be-married photo journalist, a woman who lives by her gut instinct, slowly, and coldly, succumbing to one another’s contrasting charms.

It grew on me like a benign tumour attached to the heart. As we delved deeper into the snowy realms of the mountain, romance was clearly bubbling, and at first, it kind of put me off. I was praying for platonic, but we got lovey-dovey, but by the end, I’d probably fallen for it.

My resistance was shattered, predominantly, because of the strength of the two lead performances, in particular Winslets. The fact they actually did film up in the mountains paid off as the movie always carried with it a legitimate sense of danger and dread that I think both actors played off really well. Though it was definitely the polar opposite personalities, so clearly defined, that really struck a chord and although the clear-cut ending had me feeling slightly queezy, I could just about forgive it.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

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