Home Again: A Spoon Of Withering Fluff (Review)

Director Hallie Meyers-Shyer and star Reece Witherspoon owe an awful lot to Michael Sheen. The Welsh star’s always a bloody good watch, but Sheen’s presence in Home Again – a sorrowfully fluffy rom-com – is the film’s only saving grace.

A movie that sees a bunch of wannabe film-maker types move-in with a recently separated middle-class, well-off mother-of-two in her dead dad’s super-awesome house screams ‘pretentious’ and Home Again reeks of a self-worth it never deserves. There’s a real blandness to several of the film’s key players and a general lack of sympathy or heart to be seen, heard or felt.

Why should we care about the problems of these talented, well-off types? We’re rarely given the chance and when we do, it’s too late in the game for us to care. Sheen, however, with his lush beard and dad-belly, swings into town and gives the movie a sleazy edge that lifts us from our slumbers. Unfortunately, however, it’s all a little too late.


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Home Again IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5719700/

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