Table 19: Borish Wedding Escapades

When Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson and Lisa Kudrow turn up at a wedding you’d expect some crazy, fun-filled shenanigans to go down, right? Kendrick would whip the red cups out, Robinson would hit the piano and Kudrow would throw down some moves on the ol’ guitar. Smelly Cat, anyone? Unfortunately Jeffrey Blitz’s wedding dramedy Table 19 featuring the three named stars alongside Stephen Merchant, June Squibb and Grand Budapest Hotel’s Tony Revolori is one big matrimonial stinker.

There’s some serious comedic chops within this unrefined catastrophe. Kendrick is our lead of sorts, as the recently dumped ex-girlfriend of the brother of the bride who ends up on the losers table – aka table 19 – alongside embarrassing relatives (Merchant) and former babysitters (Squibb).

It attempts for quirky and charm amongst the usual wedding quips (ruined cakes, dance floor romances) as the 6 misfits come together to form an unlikely bond as they look to solve each other’s woes, yet each backstory falls awkwardly flat as neither the laughs nor the attempted heart-filled moments of realism (marriage on the rocks, cancer) pull any of our inner chords.

Characters come across as annoying (Revolori) and kind-a-desperate (Kendrick), while the real shame is the Robinson-Kudrow pairing. The two-some were built funny, yet stifled by a crappy script and the need to give each member of this ensemble a moment to ‘shine’, the pair are the film’s biggest waste of talent.

The whole thing feels out-of-sorts, neither landing the laughs nor punching us in the guts with the forced dramatics. It’s a real shame given the talent on show, but Table 19 really is a loser.


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