Going in Style: Charming OAP Fun

What do you get when three Oscar winners rob a bank? Well, apparently it’s Zach Braff’s surprisingly charming Going in Style, the OAP bank heist comedy featuring legends Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Aarkin.

After Braff’s last directorial outing, the crowd-funded, self-obsessed snoozer Wish I Was Here, expectations for this oldie caper were at a minimum. I mean, the whole premise is well-worn: pensioners, in the erm, twilight of their life, get together for one last epic go-around. The jokes are predictable – death, grandkids and more death – but when you’ve got the class of these three greats, they get away with it.

A Hollywood reboot of the 1979 comedy of the same name, this Caine-led update has been given a contemporary twist. The three unlikely bank robbers aren’t on the dole this time, they’re pensioners who’ve had their retirement funds ripped from their tires hands thanks to the bank. Real 21st century shit, right? Banks are the real baddies here and you can’t help but fall for these three loveable old geezers who fumble, mumble and chuckle their way through one horribly attempted practice robbery of a local store before they attempt the real deal.

Our three stars are clearly having a ball with one another and although it feels like an acting stroll for these three legends, there’s still an easy charm that rubs off on this safe and reliable feature.


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