Passengers: Pretty Space Fluff

Pretty people doing pretty things in a pretty spaceship. On the face of it, Passengers has everything you’d want in a big blockbuster epic: Two of Hollywood’s most beloved actors (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence) together in space and helmed by an Oscar-nominated director (Morten Tyldum). Its producers must have had dollar signs burning into their retinas…

Despite some sniffy reviews, it’d be easy to bash this space drama as the uneven flick it most definitely is, but despite its issues I’ve got to say I rather enjoyed it. Zigzagging its way between space romance and thriller, Tyldum’s latest feature doesn’t quite knock either element out of the stratosphere. Pratt and Lawrence both do what’d you expect: charm and delight, and their spectacularly watchable screen presences elevate the “meh” moments into something more: fun fluff.

The romance – kind a creepy, kind of cute – is passable enough, but when things start to fall off (literally) around the pair, the dramatics are lacking. The whole premise of a new beginning on a far away planet is a cool one, and though Passengers lacks the direction and conviction it really needed, it’s a beautiful looking film, full of beautiful people, acting oh-so-beautifully.

It’s definitely not the best space flick on offer at the moment, but despite its faults the film’s star power lifts it up beyond its issues, to make Passengers an enjoyable enough spectacle. A massive nod to The Shining running through its veins does it no harm – something of which I most definitely approve!







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