Film Review: Bad Moms

From the writing duo who brought us The Hangover and 21 & Over, the double team of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s latest effort is the Mila Kunis-led comedy, Bad Moms. Also starring the well-honed comedic chops of Christina Applegate, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, this shenanigans-filled PTA riot may well be one of the biggest surprises of 2016.

Under-appreciated at work and on the edge of divorce, fed up mum Amy (Kunis) is sick and tired of the expectations that are placed on a 21st century mother’s shoulders. When over-controlling PTA President Gwendolyn (Applegate) threatens to mess with her daughter’s schooling, Amy – with the help of new BFFs and fellow frustrated mummies Kiki (Bell) and Carla (Hahn) – decides to challenge her bitchy rival for the top job.

A high level of cock gags fused with the occasional, but well-executed, pop-culture reference (Applegate’s “winter is coming!” was a particular highlight) made Bad Moms a legitimately amusing, swear-filled experience which shouldn’t work as well as it does. Lucas and Moore’s feature has the gags and grit to make it a consistently entertaining spectacle, with an effective blend of characters, each of whom offered up a different slice of the comedic pie.

To its credit, this thoroughly silly romp still carries some inspiring depth to it. Applegate’s Gwendolyn may be an overly evil parody of the super-involved, middle-class mother covered so often in American culture, but Kunis’ Amy – a working mum with two kids – epitomises the reality of so many. It’s a tough gig and although the whole concept is to play for laughs, there’s a side to this flick that will be very relatable to many.

After a frantic beginning, it does begin to lose steam towards the end but Bad Moms is a thoroughly enjoyable, potty-mouthed outing and one of the funniest out-and-out comedies of the year.

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