Film Review: Zootropolis

Disney’s latest family friendly animation comes in the form of anthropomorphic animal adventure Zootropolis from the directorial trio of Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush. Featuring Ginnifer Goodwin’s vocals as the aspirational bunny cop Judy Hopps and the mischievous fox-turned-hussler Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, the pair of misfits form an unlikely friendship as they come together to try and crack a missing otter case which has repercussions for the entire city.

Also co-starring Idris Elba as police chief Bogo, J.K. Simmons as the disgraced Mayor Lionheart, and Shakira as the city’s most famous popstar Gazelle; Zootropolis is Disney’s most relevant work for some time. A long with the usual high spirited traits of sunshine, rainbows and happiness, this surprisingly challenging animation tackles one of society’s most pressing failures horns first: discrimination.

In a time certain prospective world leaders are unfairly chastising groups of people based on their religious beliefs, it may sound particularly odd that an animal animation, where certain races of critters are judged, chastised and ill-treated because they fit a certain stereotype, could teach society a thing or two. Yet it does so very successfully in its own charming, colourful, humorous and always on point, kind of way.

It ticks all the expected fluffy, inspiration-filled boxes, and with its well-placed pop culture references offering effective comedic relief to cinema-going parents, whilst some impressive slapstick humour –a long with its charming lead bunny – will also offer plenty of appeal to its intended younger audience.

Whether it will last the test of time like Frozen has and Inside Out most certainly will, remains to be seen, but Zootropolis carries a lot of charm, and buckets of lovability, with a thoroughly important message at its core which is worth taking to heart.

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