Film Review: London has Fallen

Gerard Butler’s Mike Banning returns to kick some butt and save the President’s ass, again. Last time it was the White House (2013’s Antoine Fuqua directed Olympus has Fallen) that had succumbed to terrorists, and now it’s the English capital’s turn to be overrun by gun wielding maniacs in the aptly named London has Fallen. Helmed by the relatively unknown Babak Najafi, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett have all returned for this nuts and bolts action romp.

The UK Prime Minister’s popped his clogs, meaning that all the world’s leaders – including US President Benjamin Asher (Eckhart) – will descend on London to attend the funeral. With only days to plan, it’s a real ball ache for the President’s security team, including Banning, who can just sense something bad is going to go down.

Before they can even set foot in Westminster Cathedral, disaster strikes as terrorists flood the city, killing off world leaders with ease, and with Asher firmly in their sights – and London on complete lockdown – it’s up to the once disgraced presidential bodyguard to save his boss’s ass yet again.

It’s a presidential bromance which runs its course in relatively engaging, often cheesy, but never particularly dull fashion. Brooding, pouting, and with a constant sense of foreboding, the 300 star’s an effective action hero whose individual performance makes you forget about his clunky-sounding, awkwardly chummy relationship with Eckhart’s Asher which is about as humorous as a kick to the nuts.

In fact, the funniest thing about London Has Fallen is its special effects. Like something even the Syfy channel would stick their noses up at, we’re left to wonder if the CGI budget had gone on re-signing Freeman for this unexpectedly not-so-terrible sequel. It does everything you’d expect and delivers nothing more, London has Fallen is a punch ‘em, shoot ‘em riot which, despite everything, I just can’t hate.

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