2016 Film Trance Awards

It’s time to stop biting those already blunt fingernails and to get ready to tweet the impending awards results to the masses – it’s the 2016 Film Trance Awards!

With the 88th Academy Awards being held this Sunday, marking the end of the ever-exciting, but often predictable, gong-giving season for another year, we thought it was about bleedin’ time we finally revealed our own winners for 2016.

Unlike the Oscars, we’d like to point out that we’ve tried not to cram our favourites into certain categories so they’ve got a better chance of winning. Oh, no! If you’re a lead actor or actress, you’re competing in that section. Here’s looking at you Alicia Vikander in The Danish Girl!

So, Will Leo FINALLY win an FT Award? Has The Revenant out frozen (see what we did there? You know, ‘cos it was cold on set…) everyone to win yet ANOTHER best film award? Find out below…

[URISP id=3588]

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