News: Godzilla vs. King Kong, Hulk & Die Hard

Who fancies a bit of Godzilla vs. King Kong action? Well you’ve only got five years to wait as it’s been confirmed Godzilla vs. Kong will hit cinemas in 2020. Before then we’ve got the small matter of next year’s Kong: Skull Island and Gareth Edward’s Godzilla 2 in 2018. (Source: TIME)

After announcing he won’t be involved in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, many wondered when we’ll next see Mark Ruffalo as our favourite green coloured smashing thing. The answer to that has now been confirmed: Hulk with appear alongside Marvel’s most famous hammer wielding god in 2017’s Thor: Ragnorak. (Source: Empire)

Did you think 2013’s critically destroyed A Good Day to Die Hard was the well drawn out end for John McClane? Think again. Underworld helmer Len Wiseman is set to direct a Die Hard origin story. Oh. (Source: Movie Pilot)

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