Five Work-Related Movies Which Remind You That Your Job Doesn't Suck That Badly

That time of the year is regrettably at our doors again as we swap the Hawaiian shorts back for our suits and we come face-to-face with the daunting prospect that summer is nearly over.

Acclimatising to the 9-5 routine is no picnic. For many of you, staring out the window or off into space will inevitably become a pastime, especially if you’ve spent most of the summer overseas or in front of the telly box.

Be that as it may, keep that box of tissues in the cupboard – those waterworks can be kept at bay.

Think of this as a survival guide, the ultimate film fest that we can have in our living rooms as we re-adapt to the mountains of paperwork which await on our office desks after the summer slump.


5) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 20140115-003415.jpg

This whimsical and carefree adaptation of the famous short story by James Thurber is probably the most profound approach to work-related boredom you’ll see. As Walter skates down the winding roads of Iceland and climbs mountains in Afghanistan, his work troubles seem to evaporate…




IMG_03944) The Devil Wears Prada

There are difficult tasks at work, then there are the impossible; getting asked to obtain a manuscript of a yet unreleased Harry Potter novel is definitely the latter, even for Anne Hathaway. Meryl Streep’s cold, manipulative take on the CEO fashionista has turned heads for good reason. The things people do to get into writing…




3) Full Metal JacketIMG_0398

We’ve all had the occasional bollocking off our line managers, but the drill sergeant played by R Lee Ermey in this iconic film takes a telling-off to a new level.





2) Horrible Bosses IMG_0396

A HR’s worst nightmare: murderers, sexual predators and managers who do none of the work but take all the credit. Take a good, long look at your boss… there are most definitely worse out there.





1) The Exorcist IMG_0393

Most of us will say we’ve had tough clients to deal with, but this is probably the worst day at work anyone has ever had. It “COMPELS” me to get back to work anyway!





So from blackmail and work-related abuse to demonic possession, this is a certainly as a good a reminder as any that work doesn’t have to be as harrowing as what we make it out to be.

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