Film Review: Home

As Tim Johnson launches Home into the spring of 2015, it certainly becomes the avidly warm and IMG_0289upbeat animation that we’re expecting – that is if we ignore the blatant in-your-face pushing of Rihanna’s life and career. If you’re not a fan of the R&B star, then Houston we have a problem!

Home begins unexpectedly when the enigmatic yet backward Oh (Jim Parsons) and his entire alien race inhabit Earth in an attempt to hide from their scarier adversaries. When sharing the rent becomes an issue for the human race, it takes off to a rocky start. Matters only get worse from there when Oh accidentally reveals the location of Earth to their enemies, spurring on the witch-hunt for the purple tyke. This only adds to the awkwardness when Oh and Tip (Rihanna) – who are both on the run – share their first cold encounter. Sharing a common goal, the unlikely duo team up for what then becomes a sort of East meets West, but “friendship conquers all” sort of story.

Johnson’s weird and wacky yet winsome debut has a knack for playing on the heartstrings, creating lovable characters that can be laughed at if not cuddled with, using a well worn formula of misconception to make people smile. I’m happy to report that it works. Add this to a cornucopia of grammatical errors repackaged as wordplay, you have something that’s childish yet strangely charming, as both characters embark on their whimsical journey in a hover car powered by slush puppies… that’s right. Slush puppies.

Notable highlights are Jim Parsons, who resurrects his role as Sheldon but armed with an out of this world demeanour, which still made for an enjoyable performance, and Rihanna wasn’t too bad either in her portrayal of the lost daughter who is by no means a damsel in distress.

Overall, Home was a fun-loving and quirky piece that was full of imagination and a definite must-see for the family. With colourful characters, there’s plenty to tap into with this laugh out loud, bubbly (literally in some cases) kaleidoscope of a film that delivers on the goods. It’s no Big Hero 6, but otherwise, the story is out of this world.


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