Interview: Marina Bruno (Independent Director)

Marina Bruno
Marina in the thick of it on set.

Film Trance recently spoke to up-and -coming Argentinian born director, Marina Bruno. At just 19-years-old, Bruno has already shot six short films and is hoping to take her work to film festivals across the US in the coming months. A lover of all things Tarantino, the Oscar winning director has clearly rubbed off on the young filmmaker with his influence clearly evident in much of her work.



Hi Marina, would you just introduce yourself….

I am 19-years-old and I’ve written and directed six short films. One of them is featured on Indieflix and another that has been officially selected for Cineyouth 2014, presented by the Chicago International Film Festival and the Free State Festival. I made my first short film Run when I was 16, and that is the year I also founded my film company ‘Wondering Pictures’. In my even younger years I made hundreds of videos with my friends, and when I was three I made my first movie called Dinosaurs using my toys as actors.

 What made you want to become a director?

My father is an Argentinean born writer/director so I’ have been emerged in this art form my entire life. I co-starred in his feature film when I was 10, which was also a big influence on my passion for film.

Let us in on the Marina Bruno filming process: the writing, the acting, the editing… What’s your style?

For writing I usually like to stray towards misunderstandings or conflicts between different types of people. I do not follow any rule when writing except for coming up with a film-able context before putting in the content. Being indie [an independent film maker], you are really limited to what you can film in a production, so I like to find the locations first and then write something that takes place there, so I know I can accomplish it. For the acting, I am just lucky to have found the amazing actors in my films. I feel like they are undiscovered stars that all came in to my possession by luck. They are all so good! I will have the character in my head, so on set I’ll explain the demeanour of the character and the actor will usually pick it up right away and execute exactly what I wrote on the script. For the editing I guess I like to think of it as hectic.

What are your favourite films, and have they influenced your work?

One of my favourite films is Pulp Fiction. That speaks for itself!

Are there any particular directors that you’ve drawn inspiration from?

Tarantino to my is a god of film. His writing is so perfect, his stories are genius. Every time I watch one of his films I have goosebumps!

Your short films certainly vary in both style and substance. Some quirky and humourous, others more dramatic and thought-provoking. Is it important not to get tied down to one genre?

I guess it is important just so every film can be something totally different. If you stick to only one style, you sort of limit your creativity for all your next films.

Much of the artwork and music you’ve gone for rocks quite an ‘old-school’ vibe. What was the inspiration behind this?

I love retro and vintage. Maybe also cause I am a girl and girls are more drawn to fashion and style, so I guess I “dress up” my movies with pretty clothes!

Do you have a particular favourite piece of work?

Not necessarily. I am proud of all my works and each film has its own failures and wins.

Where can we see your work?

I have a YouTube channel which contains most of my full length short films, all the trailers and special features like behind the scenes. It is called ‘Wondering Pictures‘ and you can find all my information there. The films that are not on YouTube, like Chocolate Milkshake, you can find on film platforms like Indieflix and Amazon. I also have a second YouTube channel called ‘Intelligent Idiots‘ that contains minute long comedy videos that my friend Jessica Reinboldt and I write and film.

 What does the future hold for yourself?

The future holds more films by me. Hopefully they are good!

You can also find Marina on Twitter, as well as both ‘Wondering Pictures‘ and ‘Intelligent Idiots‘ on Facebook. 
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