Film Review: The Love Punch

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson star in the deeply flawed, yet utterly charming The Love Punch, the romantically-laced crime comedy 2014-04-20 16.15.40directed by Last Chance Harvey director Joel Hopkins.

Another film produced in an ever-growing list of flicks aimed at attracting the gigantic over fifties market, The Love Punch wheels off a long line of mediocre jokes about failed marriages, divorce, younger lovers and the clear sexual tension that still exists between the two protagonists.

The former 007 star plays Richard and Thompson is Kate, a divorced, middle-class couple who pretend not to be that keen on each other anymore, but as the film progresses, they clearly, despite their many attempts at avoiding the obvious, are. Richard is set to retire in a week, but out of the blue the business he works for goes bust after being recently taken over by a dodgy company, and with it goes his and Kate’s savings. With the help of their chums and neighbours, Penelope (Celia Imrie) and Jerry (Timothy Small), the foursome set out to reclaim what they believe has been stolen from the divorced pair – their retirement nest egg – which takes the form of a multi-million dollar diamond.

Aside from the numerous issues that make the film totally absurd, like making it so ridiculously easy, through so many implausible situations – like breaking into high-security offices and risky sea ventures – to steal such a rare, expensive diamond, it is still difficult not to get at least a teensy bit of joy out of watching Brosnan and Thompson on screen. As a pair, despite all the films mishaps, their chemistry is great to watch. The wit, the charm, it was all so easy, so lovable, that you could look past a lot of the faults – the cheesy dialogue, cliché plot and the predictable outcome – and just enjoy the result of two people who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Imrie and Small played a part, but they were just along for the ride in what was the Pierce and Emma show. Without the pair this would have been a calamity, but with them it was bearable.

Utter garbage in so many ways, but still so strangely lovable, The Love Punch should follow in the footsteps of another Brosnan classic, Mamma Mia!, in that it is so bad, you have just got to love it – and that is, in this instance, solely down to the leading pair.


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