Film Review: Delivery Man

There is no bigger midlife wake-up call than finding out you are the biological father of 533 children, but this is the 2014-01-14 20.18.36exact position meat truck delivery driver, David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn), finds himself in.

His life is one disorganised mess. On-off girlfriend Emma (Cobie Smulders) has announced she is pregnant, whilst he owes a lot of money to some very inpatient people.

142 of his 533 children that he fathered through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic under the alias ‘Starbuck’ are determined to find out who their real dad is. A lawsuit follows, and with the help of his lawyer/best friend Brett (Chris Pratt), David battles to keep his identity secret.

Keeping this secret, however, becomes much harder when Wozniak, looking for inspiration to re-spark his dysfunctional life, decides to play ‘Guardian Angel’ to some of the children looking to de-mask him. In helping them deal with their own problems, David begins to realise what he truly wants to achieve from his own life. Unfortunately for the delivery driver, his mounting debts and the on-going battle to persuade the mother of his child he is worthy, means nothing comes easy for him.

Delivery Man, written and directed by Ken Scott, is not just a tale of discovery, but a reaffirmation of life itself. A sweet sentiment, added together with a pinch of humour and plenty of humility, makes Scott’s Hollywood remake of his own 2011 film more than your modern day run-of-the-mill comedy film. Despite falling into predictable patterns and, in places, an over-sentimental nature, the film is far from one-dimensional.

The fantastic Pratt, playing out-of-luck, ex-lawyer, Brett, is the star of the show. His role as the brutally honest best friend brings the laughs, but his character is far from sidelined. Battling for what he believes is right in court [the anonymity of his client] not only rediscovers his passion for his former job, but opens his eyes to the life he was once so bitter about: four children he truly adores.

Delivery Man, like its lead character, has a lot of heart. It will make you laugh, and it might even make you cry, but it is a heart-warming story that may well surprise a few people. What it lacks in realism, the film makes up for in spirit, offering a lesson to us all: It is never too late to find your true purpose in life, however lost you may be.


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