Film Review: The Conjuring

Notorious horror film director James Wan returns with The Conjuring, a film that follows the investigation of the 2014-01-18 22.34.57Perron family’s Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970’s by famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Described as a “work of art” by one of the Perron daughters depicted in the film, The Conjuring is said to be an accurate portrayal of the real life events that happened in the farmhouse between the years of 1973 to 1974.

Soon after their arrival at the house, the Perron’s discover strange occurrences taking place in their new family abode. Clocks stop, photo’s fall of the walls, and the behaviour of their children becomes more erratic. On the basis of these worn-out movie cliches, The film sounds like your typical 21st century boring, predictable horror flick. However, it is far from it. Wan manages to recreate an old-school styled horror flick in modern times, capturing the scare-factor without relying on all the predictable gimmicks.

It is a film with a backbone, unlike many other films of its genre that have been released over the past few years. We get detailed insight into both the haunting of the Perron’s home and why it might be taking place, as well as an intriguing look into the world of paranormal investigation. Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) break the mould of the ‘eccentric’ investigators often associated with the world of paranormal experts. Professional, well-educated and family-orientated, the Warren’s first hand knowledge of the paranormal world offers the audience something not often associated with horror films: realism.

The Conjuring is the most finely tuned horror film you will see in 2013, as well as the most enjoyable. It is much more than just a scare-flick, although it still has the sinister, creepy aura to it that will make you spill your popcorn. James Wan has delivered a horror film with not just your typical horror movie traits, but one with an intriguing, well built storyline that will keep you engaged throughout.


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1 Comment on Film Review: The Conjuring

  1. Quite a big fan of James Wan as a director. I think he has a real talent for paring new-age effects with old-school horror in the form of cinematography and sound. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this film, but reading this and giving it a rethink I do think this is one of the better recent horrors I’ve seen. Wan manages to take the label of ‘genre film’ back to a nice place and I like that. Shame that ‘Insidious 2’ didn’t seem quite as well thought out..


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